Royal Academy School of Exploratory Arts

Royal Academy School of Exploratory Arts


Our academic program is designed to motivate and encourage students to foster their unique individuality. We believe in the development of the entire student. One way the school does that is through the use of Morning Meetings, where students feel recognized and valued while learning to develop interpersonal skills and the discipline of respecting others' perspectives.


  • Language Arts

     Small group classes focusing on advanced phonics concepts, multisyllabic words and fluency; story structure and nonfiction reading strategies; listening and reading comprehension including inferential and analytical skills; the writing of simple and expanded paragraphs; advanced spelling patterns; grammar and punctuation.

  • STEM

    Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math. Our New Program includes: Robotics. Students will use real-world examples of local to global challenges and activate their inner explorers, propelling them to success in college, careers, and beyond.

  • Social Studies

    An exploration of identity, building classroom community, encouraging empathy for a wide range of human behavior; American Women’s Rights and Civil Rights movements: democracy, rights afforded to American citizens, and the injustices and historical context that prompted these movements.

  • Exploratory Arts

    Students will be introduced to the arts stimulating their creativity including self course, culinary, journalism, social media, gardening, art, dance, music and film.

  • Character Building

    Character development, social and emotional learning, friendship and resolving conflicts through discussions, team-building activities, art projects and dramatic role-playing.

  • Physical Education

    Functional movement exercises and fitness, introduction to basic sports concepts and rules, health & Wellness modified game play, gymnastics routines, study of choreography/dance


Royal Academy Offers

At Royal Academy, we offer structured curriculums for K- 8th. Our curriculums encourage higher-level thinking skills while glorifying God.
We also cater to students 1-year-old through VPK at Royal Prep Academy. For more information visit

The K3 Program

A structured, preparatory curricula that includes learning the alphabet, colors, shapes, counting to 50, health, manners, safety, science, songs and finger-plays, and Bible time. An introduction to Computer, Music, and library time is also included. Three-year-old children do not receive letter grades but are evaluated.

The K4 Readiness Program

As a definite curriculum including phonics preparation, writing, numbers, art, poetry, Bible instruction, and fun activities. Children learn the alphabet, number concepts from 1-20, counting from 1-100, and introduction to computers. An introduction to Technology, Music, and library time is also included. K4 children do not receive letter grades but are evaluated.

Primary School (K5 - 5th Grade)

The core subjects in our primary school include theology, reading, grammar, phonics, spelling, mathematics, science, and social studies. Beginning in the 3rd grade, students are given an exploratory arts schedule and are evaluated and graded for participation.

Pre-Secondary School (6th - 8th Grade)

The core subjects in our pre-secondary school include theology, language arts, mathematics, science, and social studies. Our pre-secondary students 6th-8th grade are enrolled in weekly exploratory arts classes such as health & nutrition, art, music, drama, technology, culinary, and dance.

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