Royal Academy School of Exploratory Arts

Royal Academy School of Exploratory Arts

Ka'Rai Jones

Head MistressKa'Rai Jones

Ka'Rai Jones often referred to as "Coach Rai" began her journey in 2015 as Royal Precision Dance Company in Jacksonville, Florida on the north side at the Johnson Family YMCA. It was there her passion and determination to empower the youth was born.
Royal Precision Dance Company evolved an all-girls summer dance program which then lead to the creation of B Royal Academy Exploratory Arts School for Girls, Prodigy Academy for Boys, Royal Prep Academy Preschool, and Now ROYAL ACADEMY.

About Royal Academy

As one of the only Exploratory Arts schools grades K3-8 in Jacksonville, Florida, Royal Academy serves as the leading advocate for all children, boys and girls with talents that are to be expressed and strengthened. Our scholars have been held to the highest expectations and encouraged to become confident learners, critical thinkers, and self-starters. Royal Academy's environment yields rewards that last a lifetime.Ka'Rai Jones manifested Royal Academy, years before it came into fruition, her mission is to educate and push girls and boys in the areas of education, exploratory arts, and faith.
Royal Academy will provide all children with a sense of their power and ability. The Royal environment is demanding, exciting, and life-changing. Armed with multiple degrees, over 12 years of working with youth, a wife, and a mother of 6 equipped with personal experience and educational background to give rise to Royal Academy.
Authenticity is what Royal Academy Stands for. I wanted to create a space where scholars are allowed to be themselves as well as become the leaders they are destined to be. We provide a rigorous academic experience complemented by an exploratory arts program that keeps the whole student engaged in their education. It is intentionally designed to be personal so that our students are able to connect and be visibly known. Not only does our royal environment allow each student to maximize the way they learn best, but it also fosters a community where they will grow intellectually across all subjects we offer, allowing all students to find their authentic voice.

Royal Academy's Vision

Royal Academy is an extension of home and church. We believe that education is a life-long pursuit of spiritual, social, and emotional elevation.

Individualized Attention

We understand that each student is unique and deserving of individualized attention and love.

Empowering Students

We also believe that students make healthy life choices and experience success when they are empowered by the awareness of their value.

Through The Power of Art

We give credence to the power of art to express the inexpressible and positively impact our communities.

Our collective love for God and the reverence for Christ's teachings are the foundation of all that we do at Royal Academy.​ - Ka'Rai Jones


Our Mission

is to provide a holistic education that supports the social, emotional, physical, and spiritual development of our scholars. As we encourage life-long learning and the expression of creative talent through exploratory arts.

Raising Our Youth As Leaders Mentorship Program

Royal Academy A Mentorship Based Education

B Royal

Many girls cannot achieve their full potential in a coeducational school. The impact of peer pressure and the perceived need to conform to popular opinion and thinking, including the desire to be accepted, can all impact girls. These are just some of the reasons which make many girls suppress their own personalities and individuality in a coed academic setting. Left to their own devices in a single-sex environment, girls are often more likely to take on challenging math and science subjects and engage wholeheartedly in serious sports - all things girls aren't supposed to like.
Girls will ignore gender stereotypes and develop their competitive side more fully in a single-sex academic setting. There are no boys to impress, no boys to compete for between other girls. They don't have to worry about being called tomboys. Their peers understand what's happening. Everybody feels comfortable being themselves.
Until you've actually spent time in an all-girl mentorship program, it's hard to fully appreciate the environment of encouragement and inspiration that is created. When a program is limited to only educating girls, the pedagogy changes, and the science behind how a female brain works and how girls grow and mature all become part of the core educational paths set forth for students. Students report feeling more free to speak and express themselves, which leads to a stronger development of a love of learning.

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One-to-One Mentors provide a positive influence on our young men, which improves their self-esteem and outlook on life. We focus on tutoring sessions, positive social norms, playing a sport, field trips, playing chess, attending a seminar, volunteer work, and skills development. 
Professional development of elite students. Learning skills for building healthy relationships and building emotional intelligence.
National mentoring research shows that children who are involved in mentoring programs are less likely than their peers to start using illegal drugs, start drinking underage, skip a day of school or hit someone in anger. We host social activities which give us a chance to get together and have fun! This encourages a sense of community within our program.  

How is this possible?

2x Weekly Mentorship Meeting for 45 minutes held on Monday and Wednesday.

Royal Academy offers Self Course a social and emotional learning concept. Our Self Course helps students recognize and develop their unique beauty and builds their inner confidence. It is not just how we instruct students to present themselves on the outside, but offer students the instruments to nourish their body, mind, and spirit from the inside.

Benefits of Enrolling Your Child At Royal Academy

Co-ed Private School

We are a Co-Ed private school providing:
 Better student-to-teacher ratio
 Clean and hygienic facility
 Safe environment for students with options for personal development Extra-curricular activities

Exploratory Arts

At Royal Academy the following exploratory arts are offered:
Specialty Courses
Culinary Arts
Journalism / Social Media

Faith Based

Royal Academy provides a faith-based education experience:
Clear-cut values
Daily Meditation
 A healthy & holistic view of life
Students joined in shared purpose
Solid preparation based on a worthy mission

Enrollment for the upcoming 2022-2023 school year is open.

School starts August 22, 2022, and will end on June 2, 2023.